Why Australia should be on you list for gap year locations

Uluru - Versestravel
Uluru – Versestravel

Australia; it’s huge, and really far away from pretty much anything, it’s expensive, everything wants to eat you and the locals have Australian accents. So why is this a must do on any serious year -or-more travel trip?

Top End - Versestravel
Top End – Versestravel

Well, firstly it’s one of the few places that offer the working holiday scheme. If you are eligible (you can find out here) and they pay really well! If you have a good grasp of English, then you’ll easily find a job as a charity fundraiser. It’s not glamorous but it pays pretty well, and if you’re good at living cheap you’ll be able to save a lot more than you would back home. Whether at the start or the middle of your trip, Australia is a great place to rebuild that bank account

Whitsundays - Versestravel
Whitsundays – Versestravel

Secondly, they speak English! This may not be a big sell to those who don’t but as English is the most common second language in the world, being in a country that can work out what you’re trying to say, and being able to respond in a simple way can really ease a traveler in. Better than somewhere in Asia, where your accent and theirs clashes horribly leading to many frustrating and confusing conversations (and this happens when English is your first language plenty enough). For native English speakers, it can also make your arrival so much easier, and a lot less stressful. No language worries piling on top of all the others.

Fraser Island crew - Versestravel
Fraser Island crew – Versestravel

Next up is the huge backpacker community, it’s pretty hard to break out of it at times! There’s loads of people doing exactly the same as you (which can be a little depressing) but it means there’s loads of people who are keen to hang out and be friends, help you out however they can and just make the big scary trip so much more fun. They’re in the hostels, in the bars, on the beaches, on the buses, backpackers get everywhere here, so you’ll never be far from a helping hand and a bag of goon.

Beaches! - Versestravel
Beaches! – Versestravel

Finally, it’s stunning! It’s a huge country, diverse and spectacular, but with such a large amount of desert it’s very manageable for a tourist, even on a tight time schedule. Heading down the East Coast will give you diving, parties, beaches, boat trips, parties, 4x4ing through the sand, parties and surfing of course, down to Victoria and Melbourne for coffee and culture, road trips in abundance, then the Red Centre has a great big rock and lots more sand. The Top End treats you with deadly animals and rain forests while the Wild West covers everything from caves to wine, more diving and deserts.

Sydney - Versestravel
Sydney – Versestravel

If you’re planning that big life changing trip, but you’re a bit nervous, Australia allows you to get settled in a little easier, and has so much to offer you’d be crazy to miss it. Just remember to top up the bank balance before you go, or you’ll find those schooners might have cut your trip a little short.


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