Currently Verses Travel can offer a range of services:

Planning and Budget Advice:

Through whichever contact method you prefer we can offer you advice on your chosen destination, including budget, specific locations, activities etc. If you’re not sure where to go, we can help with that as well. Assistance in finding the cheapest flights is included. We are happy to do this at no charge, if you recommend us to your friends and family. See contact page for contact information.

Planning and Budget Advice including Scheduling:

As above, but we can build you a recommended schedule for your trip. Depending on how much detail you want we can provide a daily plan, including activities and transport, or a general plan with rough ideas of what to do in each location and when to move on. This is entirely flexible and can be used simply as a guide. Specific tours, activities and flights will need to be double-checked by the you or your agent before booking to ensure they fit and are price correct. Schedules can be sent as a Word Document in Daily or Weekly formats. This service is free of charge, although we request donations for the time it can take.

Planning, Scheduling and Booking:

Our final service is as above but includes the booking of as many activities as can be from the UK. This can be limited for South East Asia but is not a problem for Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. We will fight for the best price for you and book on your behalf. Payment will be directly to the agent or supplier – for which you will need a credit/debit card. It is possible for us to complete this for you, using your card details, however we usually do not recommend transferring card details online. As a new company we do not make any commission from sales and therefore will ask for a small percentage of the total cost – however we will never charge more than the savings we can find for you.



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