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David Nash – UK

“Ben @ Verses travel provided invaluable guidance and advice in advance of my 3 month backpacking adventure in Asia & Australia early 2014. I visited Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Australia.

I have to say that I credit some of the most memorable experiences to Ben’s advice, and there is little I can do to repay priceless time I had as a result of getting in contact with him.

To any traveler, holiday maker, backpacker and/or free spirit alike, I urge you to give Ben a call. You won’t regret it. He appears to have something up his sleeve to suit anyone!

Thanks again Ben. Let’s stay in touch!”

Stephen Smyth – Ireland

“I met Ben whilst living in Australia and he was working in a travel agents in the city. He knew I was on a tight budget with money, and didn’t have a lot of time (3 weeks), but he booked an amazing East Coast trip for me. I told him what I wanted to get out of trip at the start, so he sat down with me for a whole afternoon and tailored the trip to exactly how I wanted it. He made some excellent recommendations and advised me on what might be too expensive or time consuming, so I managed to squeeze in a lot more then I first thought was possible! He also gave me some great advice on New Zealand as well, and the best way to travel around the islands on a budget. Ben was highly knowledgeable on his product and demonstrated a high level of expertise, which was matched by a great enthusiasm and passion for travel. He’s also a top fella and very approachable and helpful. I have since recommended Ben to a number of friends and they were all highly satisfied with the service he provided. I’m looking to using him again, an expert in the field!!”

Mark Lemon – UK

“Ben from Verses Travel was a great help in organizing several trips my group took around Ireland. One in particular led us from Dublin up into Northern Ireland and took in a great deal of interesting sights (The Dark Hedges, New Grange, Audrey’s Castle and Ballintoy, among many others), that we simply wouldn’t have found without his direction.

His knowledge and enthusiasm were a real boost to our trip and with his guidance we visited a number of the eye-catching Game of Thrones locations and other attractions whilst avoiding the prices charged by the more impersonal GOT specific tour operators. We had a great time and will certainly consult with Ben when planning future trips as his attention to detail and love of travel really shone through!

Cheers Ben.”

Jen Vuk – Australia

“I had the utmost pleasure of meeting Ben in Sydney during his travels of Australia.

From first impression, I found Ben to be an extremely pleasant and well mannered person. After conversing for only a short period of time it was apparent to me that Ben was not only well traveled, but also very enthused and knowledgeable in all aspects of traveling.

I kept in touch with Ben during his time in Sydney and Newcastle. He would frequently visit during his time off, as he was always working and supporting himself, which is an essential attribute when travelling for an extensive period of time.

I found Ben to be reliable and very honest. He taught me many traveling tips that I found useful during my own various adventures, both overseas and domestic.

His recommendations of transport, accommodation and sights to see were always spot on and precisely what I had asked him for. His travel knowledge is truly outstanding.

I would not hesitate in the slightest  in recommending Ben as travel consultant, business partner or friend.”

Robert Moore – UK

“Ben is an easy going guy with a sharp sense of purpose – he’ll understand your needs and put you at ease and then work like a maniac to make it happen. He doesn’t drink, but he sure does know how to party – if ‘fun’ is on your agenda Ben will provide it by the bucketload!”

Ollie Froomes – UK

“I met Ben while traveling in Thailand and ended up meeting him four or five times more in different places around SE Asia. He knew where to go and what to do and had PLENTY of ideas for me to plan my travelling escapades! Very well tailored ideas for who I am and what I wanted to do. Would recommend highly!”


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