Verses Travel is a fledgling Independent Travel Consultancy, created by Benjamin Duff

Benjamin is 32, male, from Cornwall in the UK. Currently living and working in Banff, in the Canadian Rockies with HI Banff Alpine Centre.

Verses Travel is a backpacker/adventure tourism consultancy, specializing in Australasia, South East Asia, Southern Africa, Europe and now Canada as well. Using a background of personal experience from the last eight years, travelling and working through over 30 countries including South Africa, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand and throughout Europe. Experience includes working in Australia and New Zealand as a Travel Consultant for Peterpans Adventure Travel, the first and largest backpacker specialist agents in Australia. With them valuable lessons were learnt about the tourism industry, and the knowledge of the tourism hot-spots is now extensive. Other experience includes extensive travel, and his role at Busabout in Europe, which included over 14 countries and 40 cities across the continent. Currently in Canada working with Hostelling International.

We work with individuals and groups interested in traveling, offer advice, and help them make their plans and get in touch with suppliers and agents to book it on their behalf.

Verses Travel is also keen to get in contact with other travelers with similar experience and aspirations to collaborate with.

Our Mission:

To create our own Travel Agency from which to base Verses Travel. To sell amazing holidays to awesome people, and help make the world more accessible to those who are nervous or unsure. Verses Travel want to find and create the best experience for each person, regardless of budget or time allowance or any other factor. Finally, we want to be able to see the rest of the world, perhaps with some of these people, perhaps with old friends, or new. Travel is our passion, and we want to share it with you.


While all blog posts and advice are given on the basis of personal experience, Benjamin provides links where possible to support the facts and allow a reader to read deeper into a subject if they wish. Using Wikitravel as the most up-to-date source when possible, please bear in mind that this is not also reliable and can easily become corrupted. It remains a useful resource when travelling, with less bias and a more grassroots style, over the sometimes overly touristy Lonely Planet or other guide books. That said, LP pages are also linked and used as a reference as their facts are much more reliable, be aware of the bias they may have though, and that anything featured can become over visited.

Other websites include the official pages, Wikipedia articles on towns and cities and other blogs when relevant.


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