Never book a return flight.

Just don’t, it’s crazy! Unless you’re seeing your trip as a holiday or you really have something to go home to, keeping yourself open to all options is the best way to experience things. I try not to book too much stuff up, or have any commitments. This is not the same as not having […]

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Dublin – First Impressions

I might be jumping the gun a little here, but I thought I’d put up a little post on Dublin. I’ve only been here for 3 days, but it seems that most people aren’t here for much longer. It’s a very pretty city, with lovely little lanes and alleys all filled with charming shops and […]

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Just a simple hello and introduction to this blog, and myself I am 27, male, from the UK, and have worked in tourism for the last few years of my life. This, along with spending those years, and at least one more traveling throughout Australasia gives me a knowledgeable and unique ability to advise and […]

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