LA Pt.2 Back to the Beach, Elysian Park and Downtown LA

Continued from here. That morning, I met some folks at the Airbnb who were also going to the festival, so I hopped in with them, and arrived nice and early to the site for the second day. Much more of an emo feel to the day (with the exception of happy ska-punkers Less Than Jake). […]


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Download Festival

I’ve been to plenty of music festivals in my time; Weekenders like Reading, Hevy, Beautiful Days, Buddha Fields and even the tiny Plymouth Festival, plus a load of one-dayers such as Hit the Deck and Slam Dunk, but this was the first time I experienced the biggest specifically Rock and Metal fest in the UK. […]

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Music Festivals around the world

Music is something that in international, but every country has their own take on it. Whether it be the music they make, the influences they work from or the way it’s played. Music festivals are one of the best places to experience this, as you’ll see a huge range of musical styles, both international and […]

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