Another Apologetic Post

So recently I’ve been rather caught up in re-building real life. It’s going rather well, working at the Flight Centre selling travel again, living in Brighton and enjoying a nice new space to live in.

It’s very nice to be more settled again, and being able to do the odd little things you can’t while traveling. Unpacking sure was a nice feeling. I have my guitars and comic books out, and it’s amazing how little stuff I really have, certainly not enough to fill the drawers, wardrobe and bookshelf in my room.

Work is going along fairly well, it’s not as fun as PeterPans and it’s definitely a lot more work. The systems are much more complicated and the customers aren’t as fun, I miss teasing people about being scared to do a bungy jump, and putting together amazing packages to squeeze the best out of Australia and New Zealand. The customers are mostly price-beaters looking for the best deal, but it’s not something we can really offer, especially with our own internal fees to pay, it’s hard to save anyone any money at all. That said, when it comes to planning a great trip for people who want something a bit special, or are too busy to look into it themselves we can really do something good.

I want to sell people amazing trips to awesome places, but it seems that the public are so suspicious they will always look elsewhere. One of my colleagues thought we should be more honest about what we do – We charge a little extra, but we do all the work for you! It’s that simple.

Anyway, I will be sure to start writing more again now I’m a bit more settled. I need to finish off all the countries I’ve done so far, Cambodia is on the way!

Benjamin Duff



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