W H A T   D OI   N E E D - - -

When heading out on your first snow holiday, there’s a tonne of questions you’ll be asking, but one of the key things is ‘what do I need to take with me??’ Hopefully we’ll be able to answer this for you right here – Here are the Snow Holiday Essentials:

When packing think of where you’ll be during each part of the day, and then start from the bottom:

Skiing/Boarding gear:
*Socks – Proper ski socks are essential, normal ones will rub, fold, and probably freeze your feet
*Insoles – Superfeet all the way here, it’ll make your hire boots actually comfortable and make your trip much nicer (being able to walk at the end is a bonus!)
*Boots – We’ll be providing these!
*Pants – You can get these from us, don’t wear Jeans! If it’s looking like cold weather for the week, get thermals as well
*Undies – These don’t have to be pretty
*T-shirt – Wear the dirty one from the night before! OR
*Thermals – Like a T-shirt, but better
*Hoody – Layers are good, always wear more than you think you’ll need then you can just take it off, which turns your backpack into a cushion!
*Jacket – Get one from us, or get your own, but make sure it’s dope
*Gloves – Big fat ones or little skinny ones, whichever you prefer, but without them you won’t be able to text for 6 months while your hands warm up
*Hat – Keep it in your bag for the Apres Ski
*Helmet – Always wear one, brain damage ain’t cool
*Goggles – Make sure they fit with your helmet
*Scarf/Balaclava/Buff – Something to fill that gap between goggles and jacket
*Headphones – Only for those with some experience
*Backpack – this will contain the the clothes you take off, water and lunch, plus tools and all sorts else. (I never leave home without a couple Snickers)

Snowman bob is a snowman.
All the gear, no idea.

Night Clothes:
*Socks – Normal(warm!) ones
*Shoes – 2 pairs at least, decent sturdy shoes/trainers, something you can walk on snow in, and maybe something nice for the evening if you have to.
*Pants/Trousers/Leggings – something warm for legs
*Shorts – If you’re brave
*Undies – Lots
*T-shirts – Enough so you don’t wear the smelly ones
*Hoody – Another one, as the first will probably still be damp
*Gloves – not essential, but nice
*Hat – Same one as before, helps you stay recognisable

*Swim gear – A dip can be really nice for the muscles!

*Fancy dress – Check out what you’ll need with your group

Washbag gear:
*The usual – Toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving gear (legs or face), Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Deodorant, Shower Gel, Make-up
*Suncream – Yes, it’s cold, but if it’s sunny you’ll need this.
*Lip Balm – 100% essential
*Plasters – Someone will need them
*Pain Killers – Someone will need them
*Berocca – You will need them
*Piercing Jewellery – You’d be surprised what can happen when you’re sharing a room
*Loo Roll – The French don’t provide it, and there’s nothing worse than getting caught short after 20 hours on a bus
*Carrier Bags – Rubbish or sandwiches

The Mountains, where you feel free.
Perfect spot for lunch!

Tech gear:
*Euro power adapter
*4 plug power bar – To make friends with everyone in your room
*Bottle opener
*Portable speakers

Essential gear:
*Wallet – with some Euros in
*Money – They use Euros in France

That might seem like a lot of stuff, and you may think you don’t need all that, but pack well and you’ll get it all in no problem. Everything on there is tried and tested, you’d be crazy to miss anything on there. Those really are snow holiday essentials.

Remember – we provide all of the technical gear you’ll need (we don’t do undies…) so if you’re missing something you can pick some gear up at your Pre-Fit fitting session, or at our online store.

Benjamin Duff



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