Traveling Blues

We all get it, not just that Wanderlust, but that lost and lonely feeling when you’re not traveling, or doing something.

I’m there right now, slowly working a minimum wage bar job, and living with my Dad. Not the most glamorous my life has ever been and frankly and little depressing. I gives me a chance to do all that stuff that people talk about that isn’t travel, you know, movies, tv, video games etc. It’s interesting to think that my definition of having a home is having video games, it’s what I like best for my downtime. But it needs to be an occasional treat, not a staple of my daily routine. Video games allow me to completely escape, and is perhaps why I loved that crappy hostel in Melbourne so much (don’t be fooled by the website!)

But without a job that engages me, and without any awesome activities to be doing on a weekly basis, and without enough money to go on real adventures, I’m stuck in a slump.

So what can we do to escape this? Well working on this website helps a bit, and I’ve heard planning your next trip is good therapy, but I feel I found a better solution. Try to find work that allows/makes you travel. I’ve started at looking for work with tourism again, in hostels that will let me live there. This means I can go explore another city and wait with fingers crossed that I got the job with Wasteland that will mean I will off in France for the winter.

Hostel life is part of what I love about traveling, so why not combine it with earning in the downtime I have between international trips.

Benjamin Duff



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