Comin’ Home


I am now back in Cornwall, living with my Dad. Not the most glamorous travel location, and certainly not brilliant as the basis for a Travel Blogging perspective. But, Cornwall is a place of incredible natural beauty, some wonderful historic buildings, and some cultural treats.

St AgnesIts distance from the rest of the country leaves it somewhat ignored by the foreign tourists, leaving it for the British summer holiday makers. The county is full of ‘Emmits’ during the summer months, but either side of the school holidays the weather is good and the roads are clear. With a reasonable public transport system it is possible to get around without a car, but having one opens the county up to endless exploration.

With two long coast lines there’s loads of beaches and cliffs to explore, with excellent paths around the whole county (cliff walking is a popular activity of the non-family visitor). There’s BnBs a plenty for those wanting a comfortable night as well. For the younger audience Newquay has plenty of surf hostels designed to get you partying all night with atlantic to wash away the hang over.

PolzeathFor backpackers with a passion for the rural, walking and hill climbing the South West has some wonderful options, and Cornwall (in my opinion) is the best choice, the furthest but also the prettiest of the region.

I will attempt to explore this county over the next few weeks, and I’ll be posting the highlights – I’m sure it won’t have the crazy adrenalin of NZ, or the just plain crazy of South East Asia, but I’ll find some good reasons to visit.

Benjamin Duff


One thought on “Comin’ Home

  1. You know I’ve never made it to Cornwall, have always wanted to go! It’s only after exploring the other side of the world that I realise what I’ve been missing in my own country! Looking forward to your updates and observations 🙂


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