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Dublin (and the rest of Ireland) love their festivals and September is the best month for them, the Dublin festival season officially starts in less than two weeks

It’s hard to walk down the road without finding a few festivals, especially around the Temple Bar area. In fact this weekend I wandered through a rockabilly fest, a folk fest, a BBQ + craft beer festival and a general music fest. There’s loads more to come as well, keep your ear to the ground and an eye on the posters, you’ll be sure to bump into a few on a night out!

But to make things a little easier, here’s a quick run down of our most anticipated festivals in the next month or so:

Tiger Dublin Fringe 5-20 september  Tiger Dublin Fringe - visitdublin.com - Dublin festival season

Live on the edge of convention with this simply strange festival showing off the more unusual and interesting of Irelands talents. There’s a big range of things to see and plenty ways to get involved as well, so have some fun with it!


Ireland Culture Night 19 SeptemberCulture night - culturenight.ie - Dublin festival season

A single night dedicated to all things Ireland – instead of taking a day (and giving us a day off!) they’ve grabbed an entire evening and taken over half of the city. Head into any of the hundreds of participating venues and experience something truly Irish. No pop covers here, we’re talking 100% Orange, white and Green traditional authentic Irish.

Dublin Fashion Fest 4 – 7 SeptemberFashion Week - visitdublin.com - Dublin festival season

Here’s one for the girls (and the more fashion conscious boys) The fashion fest will be strutting its stuff in the city centre, so those of you missing the highlife in Paris or Milan can check it out and pretend you’re in a slightly warmer country!




Coffee and Tea Festival 12 – 14 SeptCoffee and Tea festival -visitdublin.com  - Dublin festival season

Celebrating the best of the non-alcoholic beverages.  The festival includes sample sessions of some of the weird and wonderful tea varieties, barista cappuccino art competitions, exhibitions on the journey that these brews have taken to become the drinks that we know and love. Plus a chance to sample the infamous Kopi Luwak coffee from Malaysia.



That’s our recommendations, enjoy Dublin Festival Season!

Benjamin Duff



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