Dublin – First Impressions

I might be jumping the gun a little here, but I thought I’d put up a little post on Dublin. I’ve only been here for 3 days, but it seems that most people aren’t here for much longer.

It’s a very pretty city, with lovely little lanes and alleys all filled with charming shops and bars, there’s also plenty of wider roads with the usual european high street stores. There seems to be an incredible amount of pubs, both traditional and not, on every street, and finding a good one seems to be an interesting challenge. While each has it’s charm, this seems to be very similar to the next. Bar hopping seems to be a common occurance though, so no more than one drink per bar, and you should be able to find a few that you like enough to go back to. 

As for the city sights, the free tour from Isaacs hostel is excellent, run by Hostel Culture Dublin, it shows you most of the highlights of the city, keeping you entertained with good comentary and showing you the essentials. It doesn’t provide huge amounts of detail, but enough to interest the casual tourist. One of these tours is really enough, unless you’re really keen to see everything in the city, in which case you’ll be needing a lot more time. The list of attractions is pretty long, although many are museums and exhibitions, there doesn’t seem to be so much to appeal to the younger more adrenalin focused tourists. I believe that this is something Ireland is trying to address, so perhaps we’ll be seeing some skydives appearing in the next few years.

The nicest thing about the city is simply it’s size, it’s very manageable and with the Lifey running through is hard to get lost in. With buckets of culture, and lots of old buildings, this is a wonderful city to give an example of celtic history and the roots of millions around the world.


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